Abigoliah Schamaun Presents Her Friend

Monday 22 January


Featuring Elf Lyons

19:00 – 22:00
2Northdown2 Northdown Street
London N1 9BG
Each week Abigoliah Schamaun (as seen on Comedy Central) will host a Work in Progress night with a fellow funny comedian. This week she brings you the hilarious ELF Lyons and her work in progress for for the Edinburgh Fringe:

Elf Lyons - SLASHER

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the theatre…

She’s back. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Someone has seen way too many horror movies.

If you’ve never seen her before, she’ll tear your soul apart.

Advice? Don’t Answer The Phone. Don't Open The Door. Don't Try To Escape. But most of all, Don’t LAUGH.

A Work In Progress of award winning comedian and clown Elf Lyons’s terrifyingly silly new show idea.

Who will survive it and what will be left of them?

All we can say is, if you don’t leave the theatre laughing… you won’t leave the theatre at all*

*obviously, this is not true… but for the sake of creating a sense of unease, go along with it.
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