Adam Vincent Stuck In The Suburbs With You

Sunday 6 May


(Work In Progress)

18:00 – 19:00
2Northdown2 Northdown Street
London N1 9BG
See this award nominated (best comedy Buxton Fringe 2017) Australian stand up (now lives in Bedford) who played to full houses throughout his entire Edinburgh Festival run (2017). See the man who writes for Adam Hills on Channel 4’s award winning flagship show The Last Leg (not the leg jokes). See how family demands, societal expectations and unfulfilled joys are ruining his life (True). ‘Makes me laugh louder and more inappropriately than most people I know” Adam Hills. ‘One of those rare comedian who make it all look so easy’ The Age. ‘Recklessly honest and entirely relatable’ Chortle

VINCENT recreates for the audience his skewed view of life, which is like walking through a door marked pain, and when you get to the other side you find laughter that hurts so good it makes you cry. And ultimately, it’s delivered with compassion. You will feel the laughs the day after.’ The Bullman blog

Odd facts about Adam
He was once kidnapped by NBC and sent to LA to represent Australia in Last Comic Standing. Unable to leave his hotel for days and made to perform in front of hundreds of school kids before being roasted by Tom Arnold, the event traumatized Adam so much he chose to escape via a hotel window. He then took the last of his savings, hired a car, drove across the Nevada desert to the Grand Canyon where he planned to jump into its abyss but discovered he’s scared of heights. So Adam went back to Oz, married, had kids, moved to the UK and now lives in Bedford where he smokes a lot less pot.
Once did a show where he handed out tomatoes encouraging people to throw them because he figured if that’s as bad as it gets then nothing would phase him.

Spent 5 years as a less than average Nurse.