Everyone's A Joker

Monday 11 November


A One-Off Comedy Night(mare)

20:00 – 22:30
2Northdown2 Northdown Street
London N1 9BG
It's been called the Hamlet of our times: the greatest acting challenge a (white) man can attempt. A layered, complex, ambitious character that is both mentally ill and also...well, mainly just that actually.

At some point in their life, every bloke in Hollywood gets to have a go at being the Joker...so why can't we? A whole night of Jokers. Just Jokers. Everyone's a Joker. That's the bit.

Come and watch some of London's finest comedy talents interpret the role of a lifetime. There's something for everyone...as long as by "something" you understand that we specifically mean "just loads of people playing The Joker".

Hosted by Charlie "Joker" Dinkin. Featuring:

Olga "Joker" Koch
Chloe "Joker" Petts
Maddie "Joker" Campion
Shelf "who are both Jokers"
Jack "Joker" Barry
Ania "Joker" Magliano
Joz "Joker" Norris
Siân "Joker" Docksey
Huge "Joker" Davies
Jordan "Joker" Brookes
Milo "Joker" Edwards
Ella "Joker" Woods
Sam "Joker" Lake

...and more to be announced.

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