STI: Sexually Transmitted Invaders

Tuesday 30 October


A one-off reading of an undiscovered work of cinematic genius

20:00 – 22:00
2Northdown2 Northdown Street
London N1 9BG
In 2011, undergraduate student, horror-nerd and real human man Jack Gregson put the final touches to his magnum opus - an 89 page script for a film called 'STI: Sexually Transmitted Invaders'.

Despite the fact that this was a serious and genuine work of arté (that Jack thought would probably turn him into a famous filmmaker despite that title, which is honestly baffling, but here we are), CREEPY and MYSTERIOUS circumstances meant that instead of bringing him fame and fortune, his only copy was lost forever...

...until now.

*Dramatic sound effect, i.e. a car crashes into a piano*

For one night only, join a cast of THOUSANDS (six) of London's finest and most available comedy talents as they bring this long lost-ish script back from the dead.

Fans of body-horror, alien invasions, teen movies, quotes from 'Clueless', incredibly niche Star Trek references, men who suddenly have guns (but where did they get the gun from?), weird sex cults, lots of people asking what's going on, spermicidal foam, and burning regional university campuses to the ground...come and celebrate Halloween 2018 the right way!!

Featuring: Olga Koch, Kat Sadler, Christy Coysh, Charlie Dinkin, Jack Gregson, and more!
Live music by: Fraser Parry
Written by: Jack Gregson
Directed by: Charlie Dinkin
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