Any Stupid Questions?

Sunday 22 October

The Phoenix

22nd October 2017

14:00 – 16:00
The Phoenix37 Cavendish Square
London W1G0PP
When you’re watching the news, do you ever get the feeling that you have missed something? A crucial piece of information or context that means you don’t quite fully understand what’s going on – but that it is too late to ask without looking like a moron?

Any Stupid Questions? is a new podcast from Danielle Ward (Do The Right Thing), in which she frees comedians and audience members from the shame of ignorance in order to ask experts some really basic questions. Why do we need an army? How much does the NHS cost? What’s the difference between the Council of Europe and the European Council, and which of the two has better bin collection?

If you need a primer on current affairs, or just want to laugh as the gaps in your knowledge are filled in, Any Stupid Questions? is the podcast for you.

This recording will see the editor of Jane's Defence Weekly, PETER FELSTEAD, answer the questions "Why do we need an army?" and "Which countries could we beat in a war?", and the Chair of UK In A Changing EU ANAND MENON will tell us how Brexit works - which is more than most politicians can.

Joining Danielle in asking the stupid questions are Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee AHIR SHAH, and BBC New Comedy Award finalist ATHENA KUGBLENU.

Buying a ticket for this recording will also enable you to buy a ticket for David Reed's Inside The Comedian podcast, which records afterwards, at a 50% discount - so it's £7.50 for both shows. Simply choose the 'Any Stupid Questions? + Inside The Comedian" option on the tickets menu.