Friday 6 May

The Cat's Back

21:00 – 22:00
The Cat's Back86-88 Point Pleasant
London SW18 1NN
Part of the Wandsworth Arts Fringe, click here for more:

We perform every day, in our jobs, with our friends, in the pub, in the post office. What happens when we can't?
In 2014, Fragility started taking trained performers and making them contestants in our GameShow, a show that changes every night. No two shows are the same and every show is written to really get inside the mind of a perfomer and make them stop performing and just "be."

Past shows have included paintball guns, eating contests, leg waxing, rat trapping, face slapping, french kisses, sexy dancing, broken bottles and a whole audience custard pie fight. For Wandsworth Fringe 2016 expect all of the above, or none of it, as host, Andrew Silverwood along with his witty score keeper, Krisso, put another contestant through their paces.

This. is. GameShow.
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