Andrew Lawrence/Dan Nightingale Edinburgh Previews

Wednesday 18 July

Frog and Bucket

20:00 – 22:30
Frog and Bucket102 Oldham Street
Manchester M4 1LJ

‘His show is funny. Lawrence’s material is dark and deeply self-deprecating, bitter and somehow managing to be both biting and tongue in cheek, which is difficult to do without drawing blood. He has, he tells us, always regarded comedy as a barometer for freedom of speech. If it is then we are heading into a deep depression. He is a wonderful technician and if you cannot appreciate what he does up there on his comedy tightrope, juggling shock, disgust, outrage and laughter, then I am truly sorry for you.'

UK stand-up's foremost contrarian takes a break from all the controversy in this new show. No politics, no religion, no smut, no swearing, just great jokes and good, clean fun.


Dan is a Shrewsbury favourite as an MC and widely regarded as one of the best acts on the UK circuit. He's a 15 year pro who's performed all over the world and has produced several top Edinburgh Fringe shows. See him at his best in one of his favourite venues, smashing out a full length preview of his new festival hour.

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