Book Launch Celebration - Smart Girls Screw UP Too

Monday 24 September


A night of conversation, connection and celebration

19:00 – 21:00
2Northdown2 Northdown Street
London N1 9BG
Ticket Inclusions: A personally signed copy of Smart Girls Screw Up Too, a welcome champagne and canapes and loads of love and energy.

On behalf of Wiley Publishers and Audible you are invited to a night of conversation, connection and celebration for the UK Book Launch of Smart Girls Screw Up Too – The no-nonsense guide to create the life you want, by me Bella Zanesco.

After hitting best-seller status in Australia and being described by opinion leaders as 'the bible for navigating life's challenges', it's time to share the love with my northern tribe.

You'll meet the people who inspired the book, and I will speak openly about the six-year journey that brought the book into being, as well sharing what's involved in creating a life and career you love (not only what you need to start but what you need to stop).

Together with me, a new generation of inspiring leaders I adore (and you will too) will shed light on their screw-up's and how they've propelled them to bring their A-game to their lives and careers.

Matthew Trinetti - is a former IBM management consultant turned writer, publisher, actor, and career change facilitator. For the last 4 years, Matthew has been designing and teaching programmes at Escape The City to help unfulfilled professionals find more meaningful work, start businesses and reinvent their careers. Matthew also writes for The Huffington Post, Quartz, Observer, on his blog He has spoken at TEDx, London Business School, General Assembly, and companies like Unilever on topics of purposeful work, career change, and the future of work. His work has been shared by Arianna Huffington, Paulo Coelho, Tim Ferriss, and Gary Vaynerchuk.

Elise Lilliehook - Elise is a passionate energy booster who spends her time across a broad palette. With an international background and over ten years experience in building and growing businesses, mainly within the Tech sector, she left the consultancy world to join as the COO at one of Europe's most exciting social impact initiatives - 29k. 29k is making personal growth available to millions by exploring how to combine Science and Tech. She believes that many businesses (and people!) are stuck in old ideas of what success is and happily, invites other metrics than profit and growth. Also, she is a certified yoga teacher with a vision that all kids shall have access to the benefits provided by a yoga practice. She is on the board of the Swedish AI company Starcounter and the NFP Kodcentrum, involved in the TEDx Stockholm community, and hosted the popular Swedish Tech podcast Digital Animo.

Lynn Tabbara - Has been curating TEDxCoventGardenWomen events since 2013, but her journey with TED started in 2008 when she first stumbled on a talk by Benjamin Zandler- ‘The transformative power of classical music’. She recalls watching the talk and feeling overwhelmed with emotions, as she was transported to a short - but very intense - journey of self-discovery. This talk and the many talks that Lynn has watched since then made her continuously think of ways to improve herself and to inspire the people around me. Because of TED, Lynn decided to quit her job, move countries, and find her passion - which she thinks was somehow buried as she was busy ‘fitting into a plan’. The speakers’ words unleashed all the passion she had inside of her and made her realise how keen she was to live a purposeful and meaningful life. Lynn, a passionate women's rights activist, founded Intaliqi an NGO that helps socially disadvantaged women in Lebanon by providing them with skills and employment opportunities.

What's the book about?

15-steps you can take starting today to create the life you want. It features interviews from top global changemakers from World Record holders, tribal elders, philosophers, somatic psychologists, neuroscientists etc, Bella's comeback story and Bella's research of over 4,500 executives globally and 100+ tips to get you started today.


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