Quantum Leopard S05E06 XMAS SPECIAL w/ Bec Hill

Saturday 14 December


19:30 – 22:30
2Northdown2 Northdown Street
London N1 9BG
Hurray! London's premier pay-what-you-like, no-kicking down, gender-balanced, zone 1 Saturday night comedy night!

Book a ticket and turn up! If you're not at venue for 1945 then we reserve the right to reassign your ticket to a walk-up (sorry!). We keep selling out and have to stay under fire safety capacity, so if someone books a ticket and then doesn't come it deprives someone else of the chance to see the show. If you can't come please email me at [email protected] and cancel, it'd be super helpful. Be a good person!


Some nights are on schoolnights.
QUANTUM LEOPARD is on a Saturday. Booze ahoy!

Some nights charge £15-25. Yeah, we love paying that much with the Tories in power.
QUANTUM LEOPARD trusts its audience - pay what you think the show is worth.

Some nights are fucking miles away.
QUANTUM LEOPARD is in zone 1, at 2Northdown, just by King's Cross station.

Some nights are happy with material victimising individual audience members or disempowered groups.
QUANTUM LEOPARD has a strict "no kicking down" policy on all material. No chav-bashing, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism or whorephobia and no picking on the audience. QUANTUM LEOPARD is slightly sad that this even needs saying.

Some nights go on for *ever*.
QUANTUM LEOPARD has regular breaks and finishes at 2230. Well, probably a bit after that. But not crazy late, so you can still do your fun stuff after. Or stick around for a drink with us! We're really nice!

Some nights let any old talentless chump on stage.
QUANTUM LEOPARD has a pro headliner every show, and hand-picked up-and-coming semi-pros doing shorter spots.

Some nights offer no progression for open mic acts.
QUANTUM LEOPARD has a new act competition - five open micers do five min spots - the winner of the audience vote gets a paid ten at a future gig. We offer progression, and it's 100% transparent and democratic.

Accessibility info:

Venue is on the ground floor and wheelchair accessible. Extra wide doors and there is a wheelchair accessible toilet. We may need to jig seating around a little bit if your wheels are particularly bulky/have those Mad Max chariot spikes on the wheels so please let me know if you or a member of your group might be affected by this - I'm [email protected]tumleopard.club. Feel free to get in touch with any questions!


The Mozart of the flipchart. I've been booking Bec Hill for about ten years now and she's never been anything less than phenomenal. Come see!


The spectacularly lovely Steffan Alun is yet to conclusively prove to me that he is not, in fact, a wizard. The inventor of the Welsh word for "genderfluid", which I imagine is mostly consonants.


BBC Radio New Act winner and one of our first ever Quantum Leopard competition winners joins us as a special Xmas treat!


A cosily deadpan discovery from my Edinburgh trip this year, I reckon you'll enjoy him as much as I do.


Winner of the October show's competition joins us for her super (splendid) ten-spot.


Winner of the previous show's competition - enjoy the fruits of the last audience's wisdom. Look at us! Progression! Wheeee!


Quantum Leopard founder and moderately talented comedian. Hurray!

Your open mic competitors are:
1) Luke Poulton
2) Martin Durchov
3) Darcie Silver
4) Mr Party
5) Chelsea Birkby

When? 1930-2230
Where? 2 Northdown St, Kings Cross, London N1 9BG
How much? £donations
Tickets no longer available