Jules and Sarah: LIVE (with D.I.S.C.O)

Saturday 21 April


Podcast, dancing, nibbling

19:00 – 23:30
2Northdown2 Northdown Street
London N1 9BG
Jules and Sarah The Podcast takes to the stage for another live recording, but this time - with a D.I.S.C.O. aaand official merchandise!

Having recorded their hugely popular twice-weekly podcast for the past 24 months, the pair invite you to spend the evening with them, complete with dancing and of course peppered with wine and a very large cheeseboard.

Jules and Sarah firmly believe that the seemingly mundane moments of life is where hilarity truly lies. They believe in spotting these moments, staring them in the face and laughing hard. Unfamiliar with the podcast terminology - here's a little sample:

The Port Salut Crew - a squad for everyone, nothing exclusive but all inclusive. A gang devoted to cheese, praising of wine and sharing a love of nonsense driven behaviour with your friends. Lead by Jules Von Hep and Sarah Powell. Created completely by accident. Bring your friends as new recruits!

The Mountain Goat - where one has purchased cheap theatre seats, has consumed too much wine at the bar before sitting, and has to assume mountain goat like technique to balance oneself to seat without falling to ones death.

The Figure of 8 - where one lays a small snackette upon a kitchen surface - usually in the form of hummous / cheese / a dip of some sort. One has a tiny bite, and continues house chores, circling back to the snackette every down and again, working around the house in a figure of eight, always returning to fodder.

Padron Roulette - an interesting game of padron pepper tapas, who's head will be blown off first?

Join the pair for an evening of nonsense driven laughter and silliness. A percentage of the proceeds will go to MIND - a charity for those suffering with mental health issues.


Listen to the podcast:

iTunes: http://apple.co/2wlWAj6
Acast: http://bit.ly/2wqzlEP

Tickets no longer available