Speed Dating and Spaghetti Making

Thursday 7 December

Karma Cans

Ages 25 - 35

19:30 – 22:00
Karma CansYellow/Green Building
38-55 Pritchards Road
London E2 9AP
Join 23 other boys and girls in our Hackney Kitchen for a lesson in how to make spaghetti and a crash course in finding someone to share it with.

How it works:

Everyone arrives and gets a special neapolitan aperitif, you’ll probably engage in some small talk with potential matches about your job and family.


We’ll give a short demo on how to make the dough, then pair you up with your first match of the evening where you’ll be mixing up and kneading together your dough.

Then the dough will be chilled for about 25 mins when you’ll get the chance to grab a drink…more meaningless chatter about things noone cares much for.


You’ll join partner No. 2 on a long table full of pasta machines, and you will begin the process of rolling out your dough.

Ladies will remain by their original machine, whilst boys will move down the line of pasta machines as the pasta gets thinner and thinner.

Our keen chefs/ matchmakers will be on hand to ensure you do actually end up with edible pasta.

The final stage will be cutting the pasta into spaghetti, after which you’ll be free to chat and drink at the bar, ice now firmly broken.

While you’re flirting and drinking negronis, we’ll cook your pasta and clear up the flour and lay the table for dinner

You’ll then be seated around the long tables in our kitchen where we will serve your homemade Spaghetti with 3 different sauces.

Call me Luigi, and send me to Naples - we’ve got that parmegganio reggiano and we’re laying it on thick.

When I asked my co-founder Gini, if the language I just used was ‘a bit far’ she just responded…’the whole thing’s a bit far isn’t it’
But sometimes the distance is just worth going, especially when it involves that special someone that you haven’t quite met yet.

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