Angry Boater Comedy With Joel Sanders

Wednesday 1 March

Backyard Comedy Club

Plus 'Cult With No Name'

19:45 – 21:45
Backyard Comedy Club231 Cambridge Heath Road
London E2 0EL

Think YOUR life isn't going to plan?

Comedian Joel Sanders used to perform in Vegas.

Now he's back in England.... living on a boat.

A true story of riches to rags to rage.

Joel Sanders has performed comedy across the USA, appearing in Vegas & on Broadway as well as on live shows with the likes of Robin Williams, Chris Rock & Louie CK. 'Angry Boater' - now in its 3rd year - is his most personal show to date - an insightful & very funny exploration of what it's REALLY like to live on a canal boat in London with high blood pressure & no practical skills.

"Jews DON'T live on boats!" his father once warned him.

Why didn't he listen?

Joel is also the host of -  'Does it get cold in the Winter?' - a weekly podcast - in which he explores the joys & perils of living  afloat.

Tonight also features an acoustic set from Cult With No Name.  'Cult With No Name'-

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