Improv Your Life

Saturday 15 February


Using Improvisation To Get The Most Out Of The Day To Day.

– Sunday 16 February, 17:00
2Northdown2 Northdown Street
London N1 9BG
Every day we are making things up as we go along.
What am I having for breakfast? How am I responding to the angry man on the bus? What shall I say in this meeting?
Every day we are interacting with people. How can we be our full selves, together?
​Sometimes it can be a little bit daunting.

But what if there were some tools that could make it all a little bit easier?
What if there were skills you could acquire to tackle the everyday in new and exciting ways?

Good news - there are. I got them right here in my purse!

As someone who has improvised their way through the last 15 years of their life both on and off stage,
the parallels between improv and life skills are staggering!
Let me come share with you what I have learnt working with fabulous people around the world, including Rapid Fire Theatre, Edmonton, Det Andre Teatret, Norway and individuals like Patti Styles, Ken Campbell and of course, The Showstoppers.

This course is perfect for anyone who would like help with public speaking, interaction with others, conversation generation, self-presentation and being fully present with your fellow humans!

This is a beginners course - but you are welcome to attend if you have previous improv experience.
The workshop takes place over 2 days in London.
Each workshop is limited to 14 places.
There are 4 assisted places available to those who need them - there is no application process. If you need them, you take them.
Tickets no longer available