Improv Your Life 2

Saturday 16 June


A continued exploration of improv in the day-to-day

– Sunday 17 June, 17:00
2Northdown2 Northdown Street
London N1 9BG
Every day we are making things up as we go along.

What am I having for breakfast?
How am I responding to the angry man on the bus?
What shall I say in this meeting?
​And sometimes that can be a little bit daunting.
What if there were some tools that could make it all a little bit easier?
What if there were skills you could acquire to tackle the everyday in new and exciting ways?

Good news - there are. I got them right here in my purse!

As someone who has improvised their way through the last 12 years of their life both on and off stage, the parallels between improv and life skills are staggering!
Let me share with you what I have learnt working with fabulous people from the worlds of Improvisation, corporate training and self-improvement, including The Sunday Assembly network and of course, The Showstoppers.

This weekend course continue to build on the improvisation basics we learnt in IYL and get you thinking about responding to the unexpected, listening, building on ideas and creating new ones.

This weekend will be great if you:

Have already worked with me before
Want to continue exploring improvisation without necessarily wanting to take to the stage
Would like to work more on your conversation and public speaking skills
Want to play around with idea creation, the acceptance of other people's ideas and collaboration
Want to investigate how to push through the discomfort of not knowing what is happening next

Improv Your Life 2 will enable anyone who has already taken an IYL course to continue developing the skills they picked up on their first round.

This workshop is capped at 14 participants.
We will work from 10.30am - 5pm each day, breaking for lunch around 1pm.
There are lots of eateries in the area (it's Kings Cross) but feel free to bring a packed lunch.
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