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Take control of your ticketing

The dedicated TicketText app for promoters is designed to help you keep things in order. Complete with ticketing scanning and sales tracking, you’ll be in control 24/7.

  • Monitor sales on the go for multiple events
  • Quickly see how many people are inside and yet to arrive
  • No more paper on the door, or in the office
  • Keep tickets on sale even after the event has begun

A happy audience

With easy to use, scannable mobile ticketing available on all devices, TicketText simplifies the entire process from purchase to event entry for both you and your customer.

  • Simple, scannable QR barcodes
  • No more printing
  • Fully integrated with Apple’s Passbook
  • Customers just bring their phones

Your event's free? So are we!

We like to keep things simple, so our pricing matches that policy with a flat 10% fee per ticket.

  • If your event is free, so is TicketText
  • Flat 10% per ticket (minimum fees apply)
  • As many ticket tiers and prices as you like
  • Sell as many tickets as you like