Red Imp presents Shappi Khorsandi & Dom Holland

Saturday 8 July

Ye Olde Rose and Crown Theatre Bar

Edinburgh preview works in progress

20:30 – 22:30
Ye Olde Rose and Crown Theatre Bar53 Hoe St
London E17 4SA
SHAPPI KHORSANDI – Mistress and Misfit
Shappi presents England’s unsung heroine. For too many years she has been known as just ‘Nelson’s mistress’, a bit of a harlot. (You get ONE job in a brothel and bang goes your reputation.) Women’s lib wasn’t a ‘thing’ in Georgian times, Emma moved mountains to haul herself from ‘scullery maid’ to ‘Lady Hamilton’. Yes, she occasionally danced on tables naked to get ahead in life, but who hasn’t? As a fellow naked dancer on tables, Shappi is inspired by Emma, although she never wants hair big enough to house mice in.

a 50 year old comic’s take on familial life with the added dimension that comes with having a super-hero for a son (literally).
“a top notch stand up who everyone should see” The D Telegraph
“a master of observational comedy” The S Times (they actually said, The Uk’s… but this was before McIntyre left school!)