Red Imp previews Ayesha Hazarika & Dana Alexander

Thursday 14 June

Ye Olde Rose and Crown Theatre Bar

with Q & A with Stella Creasy during Ayesha's show

20:30 – 22:30
Ye Olde Rose and Crown Theatre Bar53 Hoe St
London E17 4SA
Ayesha Hazarika: Girl on Girl – the fight for feminism
Phew! After Weinstein and #MeToo, women of the world have finally united… for a good old-fashioned bitch-fight! Who cares about smashing the patriarchy when you can go full-on Prisoner: Cell-Block H? So what happened to feminism? Is it too posh? Too white? When did Germaine Greer become Richard Little

Dana Alexander- Shady with a Chance of Sun burn

Dana Aoffers her unique and irreverent perspective in an industry that is dominated by the privileged and homogeneous - a purple sheep in a group of black sheep.
This is her funny, fresh and alternative perspective on our cultural shift which challenges the status quo because you can't be "woke" if you were never asleep

In a world of constant surveillance and social media, there is nowhere to hide. New voices have been amplified and we are starting to question everything - "How do you discover a country that already has people in it?", "What is an alternate fact?" and " Is time really up?".
History has always been written by the victors and the truth has been distorted and re branded beyond recognition.
The demonisation of feminism and social justice lets us know who is really in charge and has wondering if things have really changed.
john? Whose feminism is it anyway? And who asked your opinion, Piers f**king Morgan? Ex-political adviser and regular pundit on Sky, BBC, CNN & LBC, Ayesha analyses the fight for feminism with humour and honesty, and asks – are sisters doing it to themselves?

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