Simon Caine and Gary Graham Knightley comedy

Saturday 13 July

The Doctors Tonic

A double headlined Edinburgh Fringe preview.

19:00 – 22:00
The Doctors TonicChurch Road
Welwyn Garden City
Welwyn Garden City AL8 6PR
Simon Caine: Every Room becomes a Panic Room When you Overthink Enough

Simon Caine is interested in the stories we tell ourselves vs the stories other people hear. Why do we always cast ourselves in the best part in all our stories when we share them online? And what's the truth behind them? A new show looking at our relationship with happiness and social media in an age where attention seems to be wanted over personal growth. Where experiences are only as valuable as the number of likes they get and where anxiety seems to be everywhere and I'm sure there's no link between these things.

About Simon

Simon Caine has been performing stand up for over 8 years. He’s done over 1,300 gigs and has done 2 Edinburgh Fringe solo shows (full runs) as well as 2 subsequent national tours. This will be his third solo show.

Here’s a list of awards he’s come close to winning: finalist in the Laughing Horse New Act (2014), Reading New Act Competition (2012), You Must Be Joking (2011) as well as a two-time finalist at the London Comedy Store Gong Show.

Quotes from industry / comedians / writers about Simon -

“You’re a more authentic John Oliver” - comedian Doug Stanhope

“That was awesome. I liked it… I don’t know why. But it was great. I’ll have you back” – Mike Manera (Piccadilly Comedy Club)

“What you’re doing is great… the problem is nobody understands it.” – Iain Coyle (Dave TV Comedy Commissioner)

“This is one of the few comedians to make me howl with laughter this year…” – comedian Adam Bloom

Gary Graham Knightley - Twat Out Of Hell

Comedian Gary G Knightley (as seen on Channel 4, BBC Three and the West End) is the Twat Out of Hell. With Meatloaf songs. 'A filthy hidden gem' ***** ( 'Quick witted with strong audience work, sharp observations and great stage presence' **** ( 'Funny and near the knuckle' **** (

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