Sunday 28 May

Hen and Chickens Theatre

13:15 – 14:30
Hen and Chickens Theatre109 St Paul's Road
London N1 2NA

Do YOU want to learn how to be the greatest child detective alive? Well, you can't, because 10 year old Ian Watson already is. However, he's willing to teach you the art of sleuthing in this unique audio-comedy-detective show for children aged 8-14 (and their parents).

While Ian may think he’s the worlds greatest, consulting boy detective, the truth is that Ian, or Sheerluck as he’s known, is not a brilliant detective, he’s not even a remotely good one. But, he always manages to to crack a case, no matter how big or small. Not because of clever deduction, reasoning and intelligence – it’s all down to THE most astounding good fortune and sheer luck. But if you listen hard, listen a bit harder, and think so hard is hurts, you might just learn how to be even better... than Sheerluck!

In this pilot recording, the clever clogs in the audience will attempt to help Sheerluck solve the incredible case of the Fall of the House of Ingleby-Barwick, a stately home that has become haunted... Or HAS it?

DOORS 1.15pm.
Tickets no longer available