Steen Raskopoulos improvises with friends #2

Friday 30 November


Improv Comedy

19:30 – 21:30
2Northdown2 Northdown Street
London N1 9BG
Join Steen Raskopoulos (Star of Whose Line Is It Anyway? Australia and BBC's Top Coppers) and his friends (Cariad Lloyd, John Kearns, Pippa Evans, Jordan Brookes, Freya Parker and more to be announced) for a night of improvisation aka make stuff up aka don't plan anything and use their imaginations aka are you serious aka yes.

First Half: The Pitch

Three comedians will present a never before seen pitch (new movie, government initiative, scientific break through). They are armed with a slideshow presentation and an attitude to impress. However, they have no idea what they're pitching nor have they seen the slideshow.

Second Half: The Improvised Soap Opera

In the style of 'The Bold and The Beautiful', this improvised soap opera will make the twists and tales of 'Days of Our Lives' look G rated.
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