According to Science

Thursday 15 March

The Albany

19:00 – 22:00
The Albany240
Great Portland S
London W1W 5QU
According to Science women aren't as clever as men, same sex couples shouldn't have children, and it's ok to sit back and observe people infected with Syphilis instead of actually treating them.

Join Dr Matt Hutchinson, and (almost Dr) Cerys Bradley for this brand new comedy night that debunks the myths science created about the communities it loves to study but hates to hang out with.

There will be jokes and low key rage laughed off as comedy as well as actual real science conducted in the name of comedy.

With special guests:

Sarah Bell
- Professor of Environmental Engineering at UCL. Sarah is a (self proclaimed!) middle-aged feminist, and she’s getting grumpier.

Sarah Jones
- Microbiologist, comedian, female Welshman

Oz Ismail
- A neuroscientist on a quest to clean the dirtiest of brains… including his own!

Sadie Harrison
- A science historian who focuses her rage on the early years of experimental science. Her feminist tirades will soon be collected into a doctoral thesis at UCL.
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