Andrews / Brie / McQueen / Sullivan

Friday 27 July

The Albany

William / Loose / Luke Kit

19:00 – 23:45
The Albany240
Great Portland S
London W1W 5QU
Four shows from four beloved acts for a Friday night. Expect delightful stupidity.

19:00 - William Andrews: Willy
20:15 - Loose Brie Solve Everything
21:30 - Luke McQueen: Monster
22:45 - Kit Sullivan: Lad

£4 for ONE
£7 any TWO
£9 any THREE
£10 all FOUR



A joyful return to stand-up for this cult idiot. William is wholeheartedly embracing the Willy he always was, telling remarkable stories with a beguiling blend of daft creativity and ingenuity. Yes, he was in Alan Partridge, for like a tiny bit. Yes, he had a spot on Him and Her. Yes, he was in the second series of Broadchurch (the one that didn't make sense), but no, for the last time, he wasn't in Horrible Histories (he was in the other one). 'All hail the comedians you could never clone' (Times).



In real life, Loose Brie (Martin and Phil) live together in a tiny flat. It can be tough. A lot goes unsaid. In this show, they’re going to solve everything else. The world’s ills. All of them. In an hour. It can't be that hard, right? 'Promising twosome' (Evening Standard). 'Bold performers... following their own path' ( 'I laughed – a lot' **** ( So You Think You’re Funny Sketch Finalists 2017. As seen on Comic Relief and BBC3. As heard on Radio 1.



Monster is my fifth show. The previous four have been humiliating. 'Nervous laughs at the unpredictability of a lunatic merge into heartier guffaws for his bold set pieces, raw potency and inspired ideas' ( 'He really feels like an undiscovered treasure. His anarchic and confrontational style is far from mainstream, but Luke McQueen is rapidly beginning to be regarded as a minor deity of the alternative comedy scene' (



Kit Sullivan is a boy in a boy's body. But he wants to be more, much more... come and watch Kit be confused by his own creation while trying to make sense of his past and save his future. Spoiler: he won't. He’s a complete sandwich. Directed by Spencer Jones. 'With sketch groups it is often easy to see antecedents but this act came out of nowhere. Not surreal in a Vic and Bob way or a Monty Python way. I guess the nearest comparison is Noel Fielding, but even that isn’t close' ( 2nd-place Sketch Off.


Lineup subject to change.
Tickets no longer available