Harry Deansway Ruins Your Evening

Monday 28 October

The Albany

21:00 – 22:00
The Albany240
Great Portland S
London W1W 5QU

In this one off special gig I'll be trying out new material for a much more important gig for me a couple of days after this (DM me if you want an invite to that). I'd love for some mugs to come and indulge me as I practice for the gig I care about more in a couple of days time. Yes I'm calling you a mug. The gig is scheduled for 9pm which I realise is quite late for a Monday night but this is not a gig about getting pleasure this is about misery and regret (me included) , ideally you'll be getting a night bus home and sitting at your desk at work the next day and thinking why did I go to that. And that ladies and gentlemen is personal growth.

Bit about me. I am incredible at comedy. Completely ahead of my time. I've done three Edinburgh shows, played gigs around the world, had a TV show developed at Ch4, worked with some of the best comedians in the world as a writer, director, sidekick and manager. I've completely given up on having any success with my act in my lifetime which gives me a freedom other acts will never have.
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