Lovehard / Crizards / Andy Field

Tuesday 17 July

The Albany

19:00 – 22:30
The Albany240
Great Portland S
London W1W 5QU
Three ace acts comprising five wonderful boys. Cheap as triple-cooked chips.

19:00 - Lovehard: Tales from Elsewhere
20:15 - Crizards Cromedy Show
21:15 - Andy Field The Love Tonight

£4 for ONE
£7 for TWO



1984. Hopeville. Just your average nondescript Midwest American town of white picket fences, backs slapped slightly too hard by dubious farmhands, and where everyone knows everyone's secrets. Population: rapidly dwindling. But when three whippersnappers piece together the truth behind a devastating series of happenings in the town's murks, they are left asking: what is the cause of the disappearances? Why does everyone slap each others' backs quite so hard? And just what is the Elsewhere? Will they find out? Yes. Join the award-winning double act LoveHard all over again. 'Tear-jerkingly funny' ***** (@fringebiscuit). ***** (BroadwayBabycom).



Crizards come to Edinburgh with some spicy cromedy concerning bronze, weevils and utility bills. Will and Eddy (the Crizard boys) are an offbeat double act specialising in bulletproof patter and groovy audiovisual happenings. Crizards were third place champions of the Leicester Square Theatre Sketch Off 2017, and are the stars and administrators of the monthly Crizards Cromedy Crub. ‘Very clever, very wry, very well performed’ (Bruce Dessau,



Since the end of the last Fringe, Andy Field has been keeping a diary full of his thoughts, feelings and silly ideas. Now he's going to perform the best bits in an odd combination of bleak personal confessions and fun, lighthearted jokes and stories. It's the perfect marriage of whiny oversharing and surreal silliness that no one asked for but everyone can enjoy. You're very welcome. Chortle Student Comedy Award winner. BBC New Comedy Award finalist. Dave's Top Five Jokes of the Fringe, 2017.


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