Sean Morley: Scriptless Standup Workshop

Saturday 20 April

The Albany

An intensive theoretical workshop from the alternative comedy champion

13:00 – 17:00
The Albany240
Great Portland S
London W1W 5QU
Scriptless Stand-Up is a workshop about exploring and defining methods for approaching comedy performance that places an emphasis on adaptability, audience engagement and working out one's own comedic voice. Borrowing techniques from devised and contemporary theatre, this a workshop will help you develop idiosyncratic strategies for creating and performing live comedy with unique and exciting results.

Career-minded comedians waiting to burst out from the live scene into recorded media has created a generation of performers obsessed with vigorously rehearsed scripted monologues; this undermines the intimacy and immediacy that is otherwise unique to stand-up comedy. I believe the very best comedy performances make a virtue of the shared context between the performer and the audience. You and your audience are in the same space at the same time and this direct connection explains why experiencing comedy live feels visceral and immediate, so why are so many comedians performing to the fourth wall like it's the lens of a camera?

The answer: You don't have to. Don't do it.

- Destroy Your Script: Dramatic Burnings For The Uninitiated
- Dramatic Tension In 5 Seconds Or Less
- Obstacles & Interrogation: Trust The Audience, Then Destroy Them
- Pathetic Fallacy: Everything That Happens Is Part Of Your Performance
- Show, Don't Tell: And Five Other Ways Of Sneaking Subject Matter In Round The Back Door

(Disclaimer: This is all flavour text. The real itinerary has much less exciting subheadings.)

Sean's latest solo show, I Apologise For My Recent Behaviour, was a Fringe cult hit and toured nationally earlier this year. Sean recently featured on Stuart Goldsmith's Comedian's Comedian Podcast. Sean is also the mastermind behind "The Glang Show", an anarchic comedy "anti-competition" in which all rules of traditional stand-up showcase formats are turned on their head and then inverted a further seven times.

"The sort of encounter you'll talk about for some time afterwards" - Steve Bennett, Chortle
"The genius and confidence of Kitson with the poetic linguistics of Dylan Moran. There's something very special about Sean Morley." ShortCom
"A feast for any comedy lover who has a taste for the strange and absurd" The Skinny


Entry to the event is charged at a non-refundable deposit of £18. At the end of the session you will then pay what you choose, all of which goes directly to Sean.

The deposit covers venue costs and includes a soft drink and a meal at the pub in the form of a hearty sandwich and side, which you will select on the day. If you have any dietary needs, please inform us and we will ensure they are accounted for.

The event is also running on Sunday 21st April. Tickets are available from
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