Boom - Kickstart your creativity & confidence

Saturday 15 February

The City College

An intensive beginners weekend of improvisation and connected skills

– Sunday 16 February, 17:30
The City College55 East Road
London N1 6AH

Want to increase your creativity & confidence?
Want to think faster and become more spontaneous?
Want to improve your communication skills?
Want a fun weekend?

This weekend covers everything you ever wanted to know about how to improvise but were afraid to ask. Two intensive days including all the essential skills of impro.

You'll learn all the rules that make impro work and engage in exercises to develop the skills core to successful improvisation.
- How to be more spontaneous
- How to release your creativity (or how you block it)
- Being in the moment
- Improve your active listening
- Teamwork & creating stories ideas collectively
We learn that "failure" does not exist - only more or less successful ways of doing things.

The days are designed to be 100% practical with most of the work in pairs or small groups.

Your tutors will include Dave Bourn our most experienced tutor. Dave is currently the resident improvisation teacher at University of West London. He started improvising to help reduce his anxiety, and began performing with London Theatresports and Sacred Scriptless in the 90s.

This weekend is suitable for:
• Complete beginners - interested in acting or performing or wishing to improve their communication skills and confidence
• Anyone who wants to try something different and have a fun weekend.

(The group will be limited to a maximum of 16 people.)
(Notes: Minimum age is 18 years old. This course is not suitable for anyone with significant learning difficulties or visual impairment).

Both days run from 10.30am to 5.30pm
The weekend normally costs £110. (Only £55 for the whole weekend via TicketText).

Here are some of the occupations of people who have done this course and sent positive feedback ...

Computer Programmers, Journalists, Secretaries, Designers, Writers, Artists, Teachers, Street Performers, Market Researchers, Doctors, Business Analysts, Editors, Company Directors, Dancers, Cartoonists, Sales People, Communication Officers, Singers, Stock Managers, Actors, Nurses, Stand-up Comedians, Dentists, Accountants, DJs, Photographers, Negotiators, Child Minders, Schedule & Operations Executives, Students, Life-coaches, Economists, Film producers and Marketers, Holistic Massage Therapists, Admin assistants, Beauticians, Commercial Managers, Sustainability Consultants, Medical Laboratory Assistants, Construction Managers, Management Consultants, Personal Assistants, Pharmacists, Video Editors, Screenwriters, Psychiatrists, Charity workers, Language teachers, Video Directors, Plumber, Royal Marines, Business development consultant, Strategy Manager, Speech and Language Therapist, Website developers, Music Teachers, Authors, Consultants, Office workers, Switchboard operators, IT Analysts ...
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