The Midnight Run

Saturday 14 May

Battersea Barge

18:00 – 23:59
Battersea BargeNine Elms Lane
London SW8 5BP
Part of the Wandsworth Arts Fringe, click here for more:

The Midnight Run is a walking, night-time, arts-filled, cultural journey through a city and a typical Midnight ‘Runner’ has a healthy sense of adventure and seeks experiences beyond the mainstream.

The Midnight Run experience slows urban life to talking, playing and creating within various urban spaces. Because the event is for one night only with strangers, participants are afforded anonymity and can attend without any danger of judgement or consequence. By inviting artists of diverse practices, we encourage participants to step out of comfort zones and exercise their creative muscle. By inviting local artists who inform the route, we ensure what is experienced on the night is specific and true to the locality, the inhabitants and their environment.

The ground-breaking idea behind the Midnight Run is a return to simplicity, to entertain without entertainment, to trust in community and conversation, to rediscover our essential creative selves.

The Midnight Run is facilitated by Jonna Nummela and explores the local areas of Nine Elms and beyond.
Tickets no longer available