Behind The Scenes

Saturday 8 December

The Nursery Theatre

PLUS Impromptu Shakespeare Plus The Nursery Ensemble

19:30 – 21:30
The Nursery Theatre2 Finsbury Avenue
(via Whitecross Place)
London EC2M 2PA
The Hero’s Journey – The kingdom is under threat. The corrupt king’s knights gallop across the land extorting innocent peasants, the Witch of the Eastern Forest has lost her most precious enchanted sword, and, to top it all off, there have been reports of a vast and hungry dragon circling the stormy skies. The realm only has one hope left- the ancient prophecy, many moons ago, foretold the coming of a hero, and their name is… oh, damn it all, who was it again? Join a merry troupe of bards at Ye Olde Nursery Tavern (er, Theatre), as we tell an epic comedic tale of heroism, adventure, and magic.


Behind the Scenes (at Studio Mandelbrot) – A splinter in time sends us back to the 1970’s as a documentary crew from the British Broadwaving Corporation begins an exclusive and dangerous assignment; document life behind the scenes at Studio Mandelbrot (Revenge of the Jedi, A Toy’s Story). Despite operating with a near monopoly over the planet’s creative output, rumours persist of an eccentric and chronically underfunded work environment where underperforming staff disappear with a trace. Worse still, it’s reported that the studio’s latest flagship production might be undergoing last-minute revisions….


The Nursery Ensemble
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