The Society/United

Saturday 25 November

The Nursery Theatre

20:00 – 22:00
The Nursery Theatre2 Finsbury Avenue
(via Whitecross Place)
London EC2M 2PA
A night of celebration – whether it’s cheering or your team or the whole of mankind!

United is an improvisation show played with the energy of a sports match and the spirit of a sports team. No polite applause here; the United squad are going to ignite the crowd. We’ll cheer for scenes like they’re goals, roar for the actors like they’re athletes, and turn the theatre into a stadium.


The Society is part-show and part self-help group. Don’t worry, you are already a member. The Society is composed of all of those who believe in the great and unrealised potential of mankind, including Nursery improvisers and even members of the audience. The Society improvise what is, was and should be. Mankind needs us all.
Tickets no longer available