The Deconstruction/Phil Lunn is…/United

Saturday 9 December

The Nursery Theatre

Fading stars, winning teams and relationships pulled apart...

20:00 – 22:00
The Nursery Theatre2 Finsbury Avenue
(via Whitecross Place)
London EC2M 2PA
United is an improvisation show played with the energy of a sports match and the spirit of a sports team. No polite applause here; the United squad are going to ignite the crowd. We’ll cheer for scenes like they’re goals, roar for the actors like they’re athletes, and turn the theatre into a stadium. A Nursery original show.


Phil Lunn Is… that singer. You remember him. He used to be big. Whatever happened to him? Each show features a new person, created by the audience. Comedy songs and chat, all made up on the spot and unique for each show.

The Deconstruction – Come and see our players portray the lives of two characters and their relationship, and then watch as we tear it all apart, plundering the scene for all its goodies. We’ll examine its themes, explore their world, and follow the fun. Based on the deconstruction form, this is a piece that’s manic and tender, hilarious and touching, a wild and engaging ride. A Nursery original show.
Tickets no longer available