The Maydays present Happily Never After

Saturday 16 December

The Nursery Theatre

PLUS The Deconstruction/Sitting in a Tin Can

20:00 – 22:00
The Nursery Theatre2 Finsbury Avenue
(via Whitecross Place)
London EC2M 2PA
It’s weird, dark, claustrophobic and scary – welcome to Saturday night at The Nursery Theatre!

The Maydays present Happily Never After – Award-winning improvisers The Maydays present this skin-prickling tale full of black comedy and haunting music, inspired by the warped imaginations of Tim Burton, Lemony Snicket and the Brothers Grimm. Starting with your suggestion, The Maydays take you on a bone-chilling journey, meeting the grotesque and the innocent, weaving a fantastical story that’s different every time. Happily Never After returns to the Nursery after sell-out shows across Europe.
‘Happily Never After is hilarious’ (Colin Mochrie, Whose Line is it Anyway?).
‘As funny as hell’ **** (
‘Certainly worthy of Burton’ (


Sitting in a Tin Can – Two astronauts in a space capsule. They are far from the world and they have nothing to do but speculate and theorise. What was the real name of the Toys’R’Us Giraffe? Would you rather be a chicken or a cliff? What should you never tell you parents? Why is a coat like Christmas? And what does a happy hinge sound like?

The Deconstruction – Come and see our players portray the lives of two characters and their relationship, and then watch as we tear it all apart, plundering the scene for all its goodies. We’ll examine its themes, explore their world, and follow the fun. Based on the deconstruction form, this is a piece that’s manic and tender, hilarious and touching, a wild and engaging ride.
Tickets no longer available