The Nursery Presents...Saturday Night Improv

Saturday 17 March

The Nursery Theatre

Castles in the Sky/ Somewhat Theatre/ James and I

20:00 – 22:00
The Nursery Theatre2 Finsbury Avenue
(via Whitecross Place)
London EC2M 2PA
The Nursery presents a night of improvised theatre – completely made up on the spot! Every show features a selection of talented improvisers from across the UK and beyond bringing you some of the most exciting unscripted theatre around. Watch them create everything from short scenes to an entire musical live on stage in front of your eyes!

Tonight’s show features…

Castles in the Air. Set out on a voyage of discovery inspired by the films of Studio Ghibli. Castles in the Air explores improvised tales of friendship and transformation, in worlds limited only by our imaginations. Take a break from life’s practicalities and be gently swept along with our lovable characters, where a happy ending is (almost) always guaranteed.


Somewhat Theatre experiment with new approaches to creating improvised plays – playing from within the audience, using external commands (from Oblique Strategies cards) to direct the piece, and adapting a book of the audience’s suggestion into a play. Reminiscent of Beckett, Pinter and Ionesco, but funnier than that suggests.

James and I – James Haskin and James Whittaker are both called James. And they make improvised theatre together. Gentle, wry and funny, the Jameses are just two average guys… until something happens.
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