The Stand-Up Club

Saturday 10 November

The Comedy Pub

Saturday 10 November

20:00 – 22:00
The Comedy Pub7 Oxendon Street
London SW1Y 4EE
What a fab show we have tonight. Our opening act is none other than the man behind Lee Nelson, Mr Simon Brodkin. As well as him being a world renowned prankster (including pranks on Sepp Blatter, Theresa May and the England Football Team), Simon is a top class performer and very funny. Delighted to have him here.

Our headline act is Josh Howie - a comic has his own Radio 4 sitcom "Josh Howe's Losing It". Hardly surprising bearing in mind he has 5 kids. Absolute nutter. Great act, you'll love him.

Our host is the marvellous Kate Smurthwaite, who as well as being a well known political activist (an appearance on Question Time amongst her credits) is officially very funny indeed. Who'd have thought the two of them go together (they do!)

Adam 'Cheerful' Riley is making another Stand-Up Club appearance and is one of the best upcoming acts on the circuit. Officially deadpan, there's more chance of making one of the Buckingham Palace guards smile than seeing Adam crack a grin. He will however make you laugh, and it is all about you, isn't it...

As always we'll have a special guest doing a short set, a newer act giving it their best as they work their way up the comedy ladder. Or down. Depending how it goes!

The Comedy Pub is smack bang in the heart of London's West End, 1-2 mins walk from Piccadilly Circus tube. With 4 floors, it boasts a brand new cocktail bar and three other bars to quench your thirst. The comedy room holds 100 people, enough for a sizzling atmosphere but not too many that you can't get close (not too close!) to the comedians. We allocate seats for everyone, so you just have to turn up and enjoy the night.

Sip cocktails in the swanky new cocktail bar in the basement after the show, which has a DJ and is open until 2am. Why bother going to queue up elsewhere...
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