Tiernan Douieb - Miserably Happy

Sunday 19 November


Last Performance And Show Filming

19:15 – 22:00
2Northdown2 Northdown Street
London N1 9BG
This is the final performance and filming of Tiernan's 2017 EdFringe show 'Miserably Happy'.

What do you want in life? A Twix? Is that it? Oh sorry, I haven’t got one of those. What do you really want though? Tiernan Douieb is one of those stand-up comedian types and he hasn’t really got a clue what he or anyone really wants. Well, apart from a Twix. In this whole new hour of comedy musings and political material that hopefully won’t become irrelevant five minutes after he writes it, Tiernan wonders if ignorance is indeed bliss, what being civilised actually means, and if he can’t persuade his wife to like raw tomatoes, how will he ever change anyone else’s opinions?

Tiernan Douieb is the host of popular satirical weekly podcast Partly Political Broadcast, supported Frankie Boyle lots in 2016, has recently co-run a series of big comedy shows for Help Refugees and really isn’t all that bad once you get to know him, despite first appearances.

Note: This show contains no Twixes or Twixii or Twuxes whatsoever even though I would also really like one.

“It’s a really lovely show, really good. A really good show.” – Mark Thomas
“The show is funny, but more than that it’s interesting and, actually, a little bit life-affirming.” – **** Giggle Beats
‘Douieb’s satire is sharp, warm and above all, very, very funny.‘ **** Three Weeks
‘A perennial contender for the title of most affable person in comedy‘ – The Scotsman
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