Local Beer and Japanese Food Pairing

Wednesday 21 June

Tonkotsu East

19:00 – 20:30
Tonkotsu EastArch 334
1a Dunston Street
London E8 4EB

Award-winning beer & food writer Melissa Cole’s passion is life is getting people to learn as little or as much as they like about what she considers the finest social lubricant known to man.

Respected the world over for her fine palate, she is invited to judge at competitions in places as far flung as New Zealand, the US and Brazil, as well as closer to home across Europe, aware of the impact this can have the future of breweries she has also spent years educating herself on the brewing process, often getting her hands dirty and making beers with some of the best breweries across the globe.
Melissa’s other passion is food and she is recognised as probably the UK’s leading expert in pairing and cooking with, beer, having spent years dedicated to figuring out which beers work in which dishes and why - which she regularly calls ‘making a whole series of disgusting mistakes, so you don’t have to’.
The Little Book of Craft Beer, out in Autumn, is Melissa’s second book and keeps true to her passion for simple beer communication that neither baffles nor patronises the audience, she just wants people to enjoy beer as much as she does!
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